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Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Baby Photo Collection - Funny Face

The baby now start to show something funny, just take a look at baby face.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My cute baby - 8th Month

Sorry nothing to write about the baby in previous month because no time and no idea also. Almost 8th months, the baby now can start crawl to grasp something attractive and colorfull to feed inside the mouth. Therefore we have to be more carefully, very tiny things also can go inside her mouth. So watch out our baby, I told my wife and my other kids to look for the baby. Sometime the baby can go under the table to get something left by my other kids like toys, plastic case and everything. So the danger is there because the baby migth be swallow something and get stuck....Ohh god pls save my baby..

Friday, January 26, 2007

My cute baby - 5th Month

The baby now can sit inside the baby walker and walk through the whole house but the problem now we have to watch every step of the baby because :
  • The baby can grasp everyting along the way
  • Step down, especially toilet and outside door
  • Table ? watch out baby head when the baby try to go under
I always told my wife to be more carefully because inside our house full of hidden out your baby...Ok

My cute baby - 4th Month

The above photo was taken during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2006, at first we plan to visit our relative but unfortunately no body home. Then we decided to go Tasik Raban about 25 km from our home town. The place was very nice near by man made lake and the rest area on top of the hill. As you see now the baby face improved a lot without doing anything probably the immune system become more better and better. Hopefully can last longer..Pray to Allah.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My cute baby - 3rd Month

Third month already, we can't do much on how to improve the baby face because we have tried a lot included lipstick, hazeline snow and many type of creams but the result still the same. So forget about that..O.K. Now the baby can smile, hold your hand and now even more cute and much more easier to hold. My wife now much more happier because the other kids sometimes can look for the baby and she get more free time to relax...happy ever ending story.

My cute baby - 2nd Month

Now the baby already 2 month old. The baby condition improved except the baby face still not so stable, when we applied cream given by the doctor the condition o.k for short period of time only, then the alergic comeback again. Now we still hoping for the best solution...bye for now

Friday, January 12, 2007

My cute baby - 1st Month

The baby now already one month old, my life becoming more difficult because the baby having difficulties to sleep at night. Every half hour the baby start crying hardly cause my wife and me not enough sleep almost every night. What we can do pray to allah hopefully the can baby can sleep well at night and day time also because now the baby sleep well at day time not at night. For me is more worst because I have to go to work early morning until 5.35 pm but for my wife she still can go sleep when the other kids went to school. As you see the baby face becoming more worst the elergic. When we go to clinic the doctor said the baby is O.K only baby face is alergic. We still hoping for a better solution for the baby...Crying at night time.What to do??????

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My cute baby - 2nd Week

After a week my baby was fully recovered from juandis, my wife so happy about it. The baby face also start changing a bit more round compare to immediately after delivered. Suddently another problem came out baby face started red in colored(round shape). Base on our experience it was due to alergic to milk and as usual we put lipstick every time the baby go to sleep.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My cute baby - 1st Week

This photo was taken after a few weeks later and our baby face totally changed even more cute it's probably was due to delivering process, the doctor have to use vacuum to pull the baby out and cause the baby head oval.probably??? Through our experience no problem for my wife to handle this baby but she still need her mother to help to take care another 4 kids for school preparation.
Thanks god. Her mother still be able to help eventhough her age almost 70 already.
After 1st week not much problem happern to our baby.Just look at the picture of our baby -cute not like her daddy(hansome) or mummy(pretty) sleep almost whole day long, sometime cry for something wet or hungry. This baby not much problem compared to our 4th baby which is more troublesome because of skin fungus until we do not have enough sleep.
Thanks God.

My cute baby - 1st Day

Here we go another baby girl was born on 4th May 2006! the baby eyes was open and her face totally different from sister,brother and even parent but she's cute.Baby weight only 3.0 kg, so small and difficult to hold. The time goes by then I realize this is my 5th baby!
Thanks God..Then I started "azan" at her ears.
After a few days our baby skin and eyes started to become yellowish and my wife start worried about it, so I have to send our baby back to the hospital to check wether our baby iffected with "juandis" or not. The baby Blood samples was taken then after a few hours confirm the baby infected. Therefore We have to left our baby at the hospital for the ultraviolet.The next day blood test result for the baby still the same even higher reading of juandis. Friend of mind advise get a few drop juice of "sengkuang china" chinese mischocarpus sumatranus? and give to our baby-we just follow because no choise.
Miracle! the next day doctor confirm our baby free from juandis...both of us so happy because we worried if the infection continued the doctor advise we have to changed our baby blood.
Thanks god..


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